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Letter to the Chief Technology Officer

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Dear Chief Technology Officer, 

I understand that your organization is currently using ConfigMgr (SCCM) as your endpoint management solution, and you are constantly striving to keep up with compliance and safety regulations. What if we told you that your SysAdmins already have a solution for you? As users of Right Click Tools Community, your SysAdmins love the ease and power that Right Click Tools brings to your ConfigMgr environment. They also know that Right Click Tools Enterprise would be a boon for powering up your current stack. 

  • Microsoft compatibility: Right Click Tools is a plugin for ConfigMgr that integrates seamlessly into your existing Microsoft environment (and licenses). It enhances your current endpoint management architecture without requiring any replacement. When activating Right Click Tools Enterprise, your company will not have to invest substantial time and money into integrating and learning a new endpoint management solution.    
  • Boost security compliance quickly: While often small in numbers, compliance teams are tasked with managing complex environments. Right Click Tools Enterprise simplifies the management and monitoring of LAPS, Bitlocker encryption, and software update compliance, while auto-generating compliance reports for management. This helps to better protect your company against data breaches and cyberattacks. 
  • Reduce disruptions: When ConfigMgr tasks fail, it puts a serious strain on productivity across the organization. Not only is IT output stalled while logs and other root causes are explored, but anyone waiting for a new computer, tech support ticket, or new image has their productivity hamstrung as well. Right Click Tools Enterprise’s Status Message Tools enables admins to jump directly to the causes of trouble in 24 different places around the console, so that they can address issues remotely and efficiently. Additionally, Remote Software Center reduces end user disruptions, decreases the time spent by SysAdmins on patching, and hardens your environment. 
  • Automate tedious and error-prone tasks: ConfigMgr is one of the most complicated products Microsoft sells, and is used by an organization’s best, brightest, and most experienced (and expensive!) IT resources. Significant organizational resources can be saved by giving your highly skilled professionals the tools they need to offload and automate complex, repetitive, and challenging tasks. Right Click Tools Builder allows the creation of custom automation tools on a grand scale, leaving your most skilled IT resources with more time to better manage the forward march of your technology and security threats.   

Over 14,000 organizations worldwide use Right Click Tools, and our 2022 Net Promoter Score of 77 significantly surpasses the software net promoter average of 40. Our enthusiastic customers demonstrate that you can trust our software to provide the impact you need.   

Your SysAdmins are already buzzing over Right Click Tools Community and can’t wait to level up with Right Click Tools Enterprise. If you’re curious or would like to chat about this upgrade, feel free to tap into the insights of your SysAdmins or give us a shout via email or web


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